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Windsor, Ontario

Crissi Cochrane combines the heart of an East Coast singer-songwriter with the soul of Windsor/Detroit, living and writing just a stone's throw away from the birthplace of Motown.

The Man I Love LYRICS

Lyrics for "The Man I Love", track eight from the album Little Sway by Crissi Cochrane.

The Man I Love lyrics

from the album LITTLE SWAY

written by George & Ira Gershwin, licensed with permission


someday he'll come along, the man I love
and he'll be big and strong, the man I love
and when he comes my way
I'll do my best to make him stay

he'll look at me and smile, I'll understand
and in a little while, he'll take my hand
and though it seems absurd
I know we both won't say a word

maybe I shall meet him Sunday
maybe Monday, maybe not
still I'm sure to meet him one day
maybe Tuesday will be my good news day

he'll build a little home
just meant for two
from which I'd never roam
who would, would you?
and so all else above
I'm dreaming of the man I love